Workshop pregătire pentru IELTS

START ENGLISH. Watch, listen, speak. Tips and tricks about English.

WORKSHOP PREGĂTIRE PENTRU IELTS – sâmbătă, 9 aprilie – orele 10-16 – tarif 150 lei.

Vă ajutăm cu materiale gratuite, umor…și o pauză de relaxare și cafea în strada Mendeleev nr.7-15 (Piața Romană).

Perioadă înscrieri: 14 martie – 4 aprilie.

Vă așteptăm mesajele la, Secure your spot!

Examenul IELTS (International English Language Testing System) este cel mai cunoscut test de limba engleză din lume.
Testul IELTS vă ajută să folosiți limba engleză într-o țară străină în orice context, folosing toate abilitățile: reading, listening, speaking and writing.
De ce ar trebuie să vă pregătiți pentru acest test?
Dacă susțineți testul IELTS, puteți să studiați, să lucrați, să locuiți aproape oriunde în lume, și vă ajută să promovați la locul de muncă sau să aplicați pentru un post mai bun.

Testul IELTS constă în patru probe :
Listening: 40 minute (aprox.)
Academic Reading sau General Training Reading: 60 minute
Academic Writing sau General Training Writing: 60 minute
Speaking: 11 – 14 minute (aprox.)
Durată Test: 2 ore 44 minute.

Manual: IELTS Trainer Six Practice Tests.

Înscrieri pe formularul de contact sau la


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Blog de companie

I tell my students, ‘When you get these jobs that you have been so brilliantly trained for, just remember that your real job is that if you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else. This is not just a grab-bag candy game.’
Toni Morrison.

Grab bag (British English lucky dip) = a game in which people choose a present from a container of presents without being able to see what it is going to be.

I am to set you free from the horrors of making mistakes in English….Freedom is a dangerous tool, when given…

I am working hard & I am at the coalface in inspiring you to feel free in an English speaking environment.

A painter that sets me free: Julius von Klever.

Golden Autumn Julius von Klever

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November English/ Preclude

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Preclude = to put a barrier before; to shut out; to hinder; to stop; to impede;
to keep from happening or arising; have the effect of preventing:


He couldn’t be captured in a phrase
Or one hundred…

He was like no one,

He was like a foreign country
That you travelled through
Eerie landscapes and glistening lakes
Towards horizons
Camouflaged in mists
once felt
And dreamed about.

He was like a giant umbrella
In bright colors
Protective of winds and shadows
Bandaging unseen wounds
In tenderness and


Foreign country by Harald Sohlberg.

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Engleza de august/ In lieu

Blog de companie

In lieu = instead of.

Customer-service staff to work half an hour more Mon-Thurs and have Friday p.m. free in lieu.

I am happy to offer you the package of 6 hours intensive English grammar course & 6 hours intensive communication course in English in lieu of payment for your services.

Va oferim cursul intensiv de gramatica limbii engleze si cursul intensiv de comunicare in engleza in sistem barter.

La cerere va oferim si alte cursuri de pe rafturi din Magazinul de Engleza.

Barter = the system of exchanging goods, property, services, etc. for other goods without using money.

Suntem interesati sa colaboram mai ales cu firme de web design, publicitate, sali de sport…

Va steptam propunerile de colaborare la 0722.841.053 sau


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Start IELTSing!


Cum promovezi examenul IELTS ? Cu calificativ maxim, de preferat.

Ai nevoie un curs de pregătire pentru atestatul IELTS, de minim 2 luni pentru a te familiariza cu tipurile de teste de la examen.

Organizăm cursuri de pregătire pentru testul IELTS la sediul companiilor și instituțiilor sau la cerere, în grupe retrânse de studiu.

Tarif curs de pregătire pentru atestatul IELTS: 600 lei modul de 2 luni.

Înscrieri la 0722.841.053.

Manual: IELTS Trainer Six Practice Tests.

Oferim manual special de gramatică gratuit și pretestari gratuite pentru IELTS.

Organizăm curs intensiv de gramatică, 6 ore de curs (tarif 150 de lei) dacă dorești să-ți modernizezi gramatica limbii engleze pe care o folosești în comunicare!

Vă așteptăm!



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Totul despre examenul IELTS/ Listening

Totul despre IELTS

START ENGLISH. Watch, listen, speak. Tips and tricks about English.

De ce sa te pregatesti pentru examenul IELTS?

Testul IELTs este cel mai cunoscut test de limba engleza din lume si iti garanteza ca poti obtine un serviciu mai bun in Romania in orice domeniu de activitate sau iti garanteaza ca poti aplica si promova un interviu pentru un job in Uniunea Europeana, Australia, Noua Zeelanda, Statele Unite (Atentie! Autoritatile din statele Unite va pot solicita sa promovati examenul TOEFL).

Testul IELTS te ajuta sa folosesti limba engleza intr-o tara straina in orice context folosing toate abilitatile: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

I have presented some facts about the Speaking and Writing papers for the IELTS  here.

I will focus in this piece on the Listening paper. It consists of 4 sections and it has 40 questions. For the Listening section 1 there are 10 questions and…

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Engleza de august/ Transcreation

Blog de companie

Transcreation = is the process of recreating precise brand content for multilingual consumption.

Transcreation adapts the intent of the original text based on cultural nuances, ensuring it will be successful internationally.

Transcreation is a fairly new word…I haven’t been able to find it in the dictionary…

I always work with dictionaries as I have been translating for 20 years…Or should I say transcreating?

I have been recreating stories for my customers for 20 years.

I have never accepted the idea that translating is just putting together some words according to the source text.

Firstly I read the story and we have a talk about your project, as I need to know precisely who you want it to read and appreciate…Should I say enjoy?

Then I recreate your story in English (or in Romanian), so that more people will find it appealing, educational, interesting, helpful.

I can help…

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