Examenul IELTS/ Writing

START ENGLISH. Watch, listen, speak. Tips and tricks about English.
Examenul IELTS (International English Language Testing System) este cel mai cunoscut test de limba engleza din lume.

Testul IELTS va ajuta sa folositi limba engleza intr-o tara straina in orice context si folosing toate abilitatile: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Daca sustineti un test IELTS, puteti sa studiati, sa lucrati si sa locuiti aproape oriunde in lume, sau va ajuta sa promovati sau sa aplicati pentru un post mai bine platit care implica interactiune in limba engleza cu parteneri si clienti straini.

In this article I will like to give a few tips about the writing paper.

The writing paper consists of two tasks and the time frame is 60 minutes for both. The first task is based on data which is presented in a graph or a bar chart, or a diagram of a process, machine or device. It is advisable to spend only 20 minutes for this task, otherwise you will not be able to finish the second task in due time. The second task is obviously longer and worth twice as many marks as compared with the first one.

Getting back to our sheep, the first task for the writing paper entails reading and summarizing data from a graph or some kind of diagram, activity which is slightly unfamiliar for many of you.

First and foremost read the task attentively and then try to “decipher” the graph. They are usually simple to read, the difficult part of this is what to write about. Summarize all the relevant information, paying attention especially to the data that caused or showed a certain evolution or change in the graph.

Before starting writing, make a plan in which to include an opening statement, the most important information and some comparisons which include the most relevant data. When writing, remember you have to write at least 150 words.

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